Teagan White


Paintings for Antler Gallery’s BRINK, an annual group show depicting endangered & extinct species


Piping Plover  |  10"x10"  |  gouache & watercolor on paper


Guardian of the Bayou  |  9"x12"  |  gouache, watercolor, & acrylic on paper



antler gallery
portland, or
january 2017 & 2018

Two paintings for Antler Gallery’s BRINK, an annual group show depicting endangered & extinct species with a portion of sales donated to The Audubon Society of Portland.


Piping Plover: The piping plover is a tiny, sparrow-sized, heart-wrenchingly precious shorebird that is endangered in the Great Lakes region, largely due to human development of their shoreline habitats and competition with gulls for breeding & nesting ground. Conservation efforts like beach regulations and closures during breeding season have helped increase the Great Lakes population after it dropped as low as two dozen individuals, which shows how crucial it is for us to advocate for measures to protect threatened species! This bold little plover is perched atop a seagull skull and surrounded by tansy and harebell, wildflowers native to Lake Superior’s north shore.

Guardian of the Bayou: The ivory-billed woodpecker is native to the Southeastern United States and its conservation status has fluctuated between extinct and critically endangered for nearly 100 years, as deforestation has made its habitat of old growth forests and undisturbed wetlands virtually nonexistent. Scientists and enthusiasts have been attempting to find the ivory bill for many years and its survival is the subject of fierce debate, but since the last confirmed sighting was in 2005, most ornithologists believe it to be extinct.